About This Uncommon Ground

I’m documenting and sharing experiences and perspectives from around the world, as we live through this global pandemic. The hope is that in the process, as listeners and participants in the project; we will feel more connected, less alone in our present and personal journeys.

From the 30 April to the 7 May, I had 32 conversations with 32 people, from all over the world.

32 cities, 24 countries, and 23 nationalities – you’ll hear these voices in season 1 of my podcast, This Uncommon Ground.

By the end of the interview week, I felt like I had been journeying for a long while. It was a beautiful and energizing experience. I was overwhelmed by the openness, honesty, and connection I experienced in the process of asking and listening. I am so grateful for the friends and friends of friends, who have been a part of this project so far.

This Uncommon Ground is a creative and personal project. The main body of the work is a podcast, but also has visual and written elements. It’s is all still in development, so we’ll see where this goes! Watch this space, follow the project on Instagram & Twitter @this_uncommon, and leave your email address in the form below to receive updates.

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