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002: Mexico, Republic of the Congo, and Kyrgyzstan

In our second episode, we meet Elba in Mexico, Sonia in the Republic of the Congo, and Aichurek in Kyrgyzstan. 

These photos have been edited from their original form.

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Released on 29 June 2020

Join the conversation! Here is the prompt for episode 002:

Inspired by the scenes and experiences described in the photos of Elba, Sonia and Aichurek, which of the following things would help you today? Would it be freshening up a space in your home, exploring a new walk outside, or finding the best view possible from where you are?

Like Elba, you may consider adapting or recreating space in your home, patterned after your workplace, favorite café, yoga studio, or garden. You’ll be surprised at what a bit of thoughtful rearranging can do. Like Aichurek, you may consider changing pace and taking in more of the outdoors, if permitted where you are, considering lockdown or quarantine restrictions. Or like Sonia, you might consider finding the best view of the sky or your neighborhood that can inspire you and ground you. Pick a spot, spend some time there at your favourite time of day.

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001: Montenegro, Panama, and Ghana

In our very first episode, hear the 32 voices from our first season, and discover the 24 countries and 23 nationalities that are represented.

We hear from Bilsana in Montengro, Nilsa in Panama, and David in Ghana, and what it’s been like in the cities of Podgorica, Panama and Tema.

These photos have been edited from their original form.

Listen to this episode to hear the stories behind these photos by Bilsana, Nilsa and David:

Released on 18 May 2020

Every episode contains a prompt – for your own reflection, or for conversation with a friend. Share your thoughts with us here, or share on Instagram or Twitter, with the hashtag #thisuncommon.

Here is the prompt for episode 001:

Look around your immediate environment, your backyard, balcony, rooftop, or the view outside your window – what are the things, the visual cues, the neighborhood activities – that help you get through the tougher days of this season? What comfort, perspective or message do these things offer you?

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Some responses to Episode 001 Montenegro, Panama, and Ghana:

“We have two calamansi trees in our yard that bear abundant fruit all-year round, two thriving Moringa trees, and a Florida mango tree presently laden with red colored mangoes that could weigh about a kilo each. As I pick some fruit or vegetable for the day, I thank God for these blessings from His wonderful creation.” – Len

@janinaaritao: Responding to a prompt from @nathania.speaks brand new podcast @this_uncommon
A giant cloud I saw last week when I looked up from my work and out the window.
What this Covid time made real to me is how you never know that something is possible until it happens. We never thought we could pause our economy for this long. Until we had to.
It’s a season of movement restrictions and new constraints. But also, new possibilities if we look up.

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“I’m quite blessed to be living in an apartment unit where the balcony has a great view of the sunset and the water from the river beside our building. Every time I feel the need to contemplate or get out of an emotional or stressful situation especially in this season, I find myself staring out the window and watching the glistening water. It reminds me that regardless of our worries, the world goes on. It reminds me that nature accepts destruction and calamity – rivers dry up, trees deteriorate and die – probably because they know that this is part of the cycle of life. Most importantly, that growth is always bound to happen – new plants will turn up and flowers will start blooming again. It reminds me that amidst this pandemic, we will come out as survivors and be okay eventually.” –Jen

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